Welcome to our website to highlight activities of the Strategic Health Teams for student wellbeing.  In July of 2005 over 140 individuals across the divisions of The University participated in a Strategic Planning Workshop.  From this effort, seven target health areas were identified based on national college health trends and the expertise of participants.  These include:  Mental Health, Alcohol and Other Drugs, Healthy Relationships/Sexual Health, Nutrition, Eating Disorders, Financial Health, and Tobacco Education.  A team for each area was formed to include faculty and staff from diverse areas throughout campus, meeting approximately monthly during the academic year to discuss, review and recommend strategies for prevention and intervention actions. The teams provide additional support to The University’s efforts to both attract and retain the best and brightest students.   Through strong divisional and departmental collaboration, we can more effectively foster an environment for student health and academic success.  Similarly, through a dynamic peer education program, Project Health, we can more effectively shape the campus culture toward healthier lifestyles and academic success.   We invite other colleagues to join us; together we can make a difference not only during their college career, but for a lifetime.

Margaret P. Garner, MS, RD, LD
Asst Dean, Health Education and Outreach
Director, Department of Health Promotion and Wellness
Student Health Center
College of Community Health Sciences